More than a billing tool

Meet the platform that’s transforming
anesthesia practice management.

Graphium brings instant charge capture, MACRA reporting, all-in-one anesthesia EMR
capabilities and more to a single, seamless platform.


Anesthesia providers, medical facilities, and billing companies should work perfectly together.

Whether you love your existing billing company, want to make a change, or represent an anesthesia billing company yourself, Graphium is designed to help you do what you do better than ever before.

Our entire suite of services is designed from the ground-up to make anesthesia billing and patient management seamless, painless, and accurate for you and your customers.


Small Practice

Small Practice

As a small-to-medium sized anesthesia practice,you have unique needs to serve your patients effectively, get compliant, and master your operations.

Graphium brings charge capture, a digital paper interface, EHR integration, MACRA submission, and advanced customization to your small practice—all at an affordable price.

Large Practice

Managing the day-to-day needs of a large anesthesia company isn’t easy. Graphium makes it easier, then offers the tools to supercharge your enterprise and become more profitable and efficient than ever—tools like digital paper that reduces lost forms and decreases duplicate data entry, productivity reports that increase efficiency, and integration with existing billing systems.

Medical Facility

From managing patient records to handling a wide range of forms, billing needs, and compliance requirements—wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do it all in one seamless, easy-to-use platform that fits your existing workflow?

Graphium helps you generate quarterly reports, decrease duplicate data entry, monitor chart compliance, and much more.

Billing Company

At Graphium, we help make anesthesia practices fall in love with their billing companies.

We’ll help you eliminate issues like illegible or inaccurate forms and deliver a flawless experience that gets you more clients and increased loyalty from the clients you already have.

Anesthesia Billing

“Finally a way to be compliant that makes us smarter and faster.”

Dr. Merlin Wehling, President Sonno Anesthesia

Graphium is a leading provider of anesthesia practice management software and billing functionality, implemented in over 287+ facilities nationwide with over 175+ unique integrations.

Using a revolutionary and automated approach to charge capture, billing and other essential tasks for anesthesia specialists, Graphium transforms customers’ ability to focus on their patients and the ongoing needs of their business rather than their billing process.












Days To

We believe that the less time your practice spends focused on billing, recording, and reporting, the better.

That’s why we’ve streamlined the process from start to finish to give you features you’ve always needed—plus features you didn’t even know you wanted–all at a price that makes Graphium one of the most affordable and accessible systems on the market.

Ready to make a change?

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